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Unique X launches revolutionary RosettaBridge Eco TMS to reduce energy consumption

Publish by Emily Knipe

Dublin – [22.04.2023]: Market-leading theater management system supplier Unique X is proud to announce the launch of RosettaBridge Eco TMS. This new version of the world’s most feature-rich TMS now includes an array of autonomous power management tools to reduce cinemas’ energy consumption.

Utilising intelligent integration logic, RosettaBridge Eco TMS can control every device in a theatre, while maintaining full operational automation and superior customer experience. From controlling start and end of day programmes based on scheduling data, to automatically turning on and off all projection, sound, HVAC, lighting and other critical systems, cinema operators can vastly reduce their daily kilowatt consumption. Through the Cinema Zones functionality, any custom room or part of the cinema can be included, while devices are added and controlled through integrated power distribution units that manage everything from projectors to lobby screens to popcorn heaters.

Key to the success of RosettaBridge Eco TMS was Unique X’s decision to think beyond traditional TMS limitations of only managing projection equipment. Unique X’s CEO Roger Harris said “Recognising the challenge of rising energy plans and aligned to the further development planned for Rosetta Bridge our Eco solution delivers dynamic autonomous power management of cinema operations , from projectors to air conditioning. We believe that managing power is critical for the short-term economic benefit of our industry and for the long term environmental sustainability of cinema.”

Unique will be showcasing RosettaBridge Eco TMS at CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas from 24th April.

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