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Save energy, save money, save your cinema

At Unique X we understand that energy consumption and sustainability is now at the forefront of our industry. Therefore in 2023 we are launching RosettaBridge Eco, the latest version of our market leading Theatre Management System with a range of new, innovative functionality designed to reduce your cinema’s energy consumption by up to 40%. 

One product to control them all

RosettaBridge Eco is the only TMS that controls every device in your cinema, not just your projection system. HVAC, lighting, even popcorn machines can be controlled via RosettaBridge Eco. No need for expensive additional servers, no need for more rack space, all of your power control capabilities are centralised in one software solution, RosettaBridge Eco. Combined with RosettaNet, you can turn on an off every device across your entire circuit.


How much can you save?

Through RosettaBridge Eco your energy consumption could be reduced by up to 40%.

Each cinema is different, but as a rule of thumb, energy consumption is broken down as follows:


How does RosettaBridge Eco work?

Control devices based on film schedule and attendance.

Integration with sensor and power controller device units.


Barco Series 4 Eco Mode Support.

Advanced, conditional show logic.


Smart ingest control.


Projector extractor control

Cinema Control Zones.

Monitoring of power consumption.

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