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Frequently Asked Questions


I am having issues accessing the Application Hub for access to software

Please check your username and password are correct, and make sure your device is online. If issues are not resolved please contact:

• RB,RN,BK,ST – support@uniquehelpdesk.com
• MT, RL – support@movietransit.com
• AA – support@advertisingaccord.com

Please ensure you include your Company Name, Username and the email address of the user in question.

I’m trying to log onto your web application, but have forgotten my password

On the Application Hub login page, click on “Click here if you forgot your password” to have your password reset. For the reset password link to work, please enter your username and click submit.

Why am I not receiving notification emails?

Please check your spam filter or junk folder.

If the issues persist please contact support.

• RB,RN,BK,ST – support@uniquehelpdesk.com
• MT, RL – support@movietransit.com
• AA – support@advertisingaccord.com

Please ensure you include your Company Name, Username and the email address of the user in question.

The codes I get from the google authenticator application are no longer accepted even though they have worked in the past

The codes from the authenticator are time based and will expire after a couple of seconds.

If you are an Android user, the clock on your phone and application itself can get desynchronized over time. Make sure the clock on your phone is correct, and run the “Time correction for codes” adjustment from the settings menu in your google authenticator app.

If you are an iOS user or issue ongoing, please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

I have lost/replaced my phone and now the google authenticator codes aren’t working

Your new phone needs to be registered with the Unique X application security module for the authenticator codes to work.

To do this, contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com who can help you temporarily disable 2-step verification on your account and explain how to register your new phone.

MovieTransit / BaseKey

I have received an email saying my transfer has completed but I can’t find the content?

If your play date is under 48hrs away please call our technical support line, here, alternatively please contact support@movietransit.com.

I want to know the status of my booked, transferring and complete transfers

Please log into the MovieTransit portal.

I can not ingest the content, it seems incomplete

If your playback date is under 48hrs away please call our technical support line, here, alternatively please contact support@movietransit.com.

I have not received a KDM for the supplied feature

Your first contact for missing KDM should always be your Distributor. If the Distributor confirms a key has been sent, but you haven’t received one, please contact support@movietransit.com.

I’ve received a KDM, but my show is still showing as locked. What do I do?

Make sure the feature version you have in the playlist matches with the version you have received a KDM for. Please also check the validity range of the key, as it might not open until a certain date.

Contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com if you need any further assistance in identifying why a KDM isn’t unlocking your show.


Installation Guide

The RosettaLive installation guide can be found here.


Will you provide content?
RosettaLive is delivered with testing content only.
The content will have to be acquired by the site through the content owner in the Territory.

Do you have a content library I can access?
Unique X does not have a content library. RosettaLive streams content over IP.

Will I be able to ask my Event Cinema providers to make content available via the RL platform?
Yes. RosettaLive is an open platform – a device to stream your content to your screen.

Does this replace LANsat / GoFilex ?
RosettaLive is a new platform with many differing capabilities.
In addition to streamed content delivery, the RosettaLive device supports, for example,  zoom & twitch.
Unique X has a commitment to ongoing platform innovation, capabilities and content.

Does the RL box stream DCP movies?
No, RosettaLive is not a DCP player replacement.

Can I stream Netflix / iPlayer / Roku type content?
You can stream anything that you have permission for from the content owner

Can I stream televised sporting events?
Yes, as long as you have the permission to stream the event.
In the UK, for example, RosettaLive streams BT Sport events directly to cinema screens nationwide.

Signing Up

How long do I have to wait for my RL box?
We aim to ship all accepted orders within 3 to 4 weeks.

Is shipping cost included or additional?
Shipping is included for outgoing devices.

Am I able to purchase additional boxes?
Yes, the current offer provides one free device per site and additional units can be purchased at : GBP £100 / EURO €120 / USD $140

I’ve changed my mind, can I send the unit back? What is your returns policy?
Should you wish to return a device at some future point, then this shipment cost will be yours to cover.

Units should be returned to :
FAO – RosettaLive@Unique
Unique Digital Software
South Wing Floor Two
Parkway 2
Parkway Business Centre
Princess Road
M14 7LU

Please ensure inclusion of remote control, power adaptor and the HDMI cable provided and please mark your shipment with site name and contact details. Any tracking details to be sent to rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com – stating site name.

I’ve filled out the form but heard nothing back, who do I contact?
sales@uniquex.com – or the contact us form on our  website.www.uniquex.com

Can I change something I submitted on the initial form?
Of course, please contact sales@uniquex.com – or the contact us form on the website. www.uniquex.com

Will you send a tracking number for the despatched RL box?
You will receive the tracking information from our parcel delivery service vendor once your RosettaLive device is on it’s way.


Can I get a copy of the T&Cs?
Link here

Do you pay any royalties for content streamed?
Each piece of content is subject to a content owner agreement with its own specific terms and conditions.

Is Unique X liable for lost revenue from a cancelled show due to network issues?
No, as stated in T&C

What is the Country of Origin of the RL box?
Republic of Ireland


Who do I contact regarding the Unique X privacy policy?
You can review our privacy policy here.If you have any question regarding the policy please contact us at sales@uniquex.com

How do I stop receiving communication from Unique X
You can unsubscribe from our communications clicking the unsubscribe link on the footer of our emails or visit our Terms & Conditions page.


My set up doesn’t look like your install diagram, can I talk to someone?
Contact support email at rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com

Do I need to ask my Integrator to install?
Not necessarily. Your RosettaLive device will be delivered with an installation guide. You should be able to set up your device following a few simple steps.

How do I validate my install is working correctly?
When the installation is completed you can use the “camera” green icon in the player control bar to launch video/audio test sources. This test confirms video/audio and network operation.

Can I install an HDMI splitter to allow multi-screen feed?
It is recommended if the streamed event is required on more than one screen within a site. Multiple devices in a single location would likely over utilise the available bandwidth.

Do I need to allocate a fixed IP in my network?

Does the RL device run on 240v / 220v or 110v?
100-240Vac, 50/60Hz 0.5A

Do you provide an adapted power lead for my Territory?
Unique X will provide a localised power lead

What power does the unit draw?
5V 2000mA

How do I book an appointment to install / test / receive test signal / sign off installation?
On connection (installation) of your device, the Unique X team will remotely ensure correct configuration.  If you have an queries then email rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com

All my projector inputs are being used already. Is there an expansion kit?
You can use a HDMI Hub.

Is there any 3rd party software on the RosettaLive box?
We have built-in support for Zoom and Twitch

Internet Link

Can I use the MovieTransit line?
Yes, please follow the Installation Guide – here

What bandwidth will a broadcast use?
During the event, you must assure line bandwidth is constant and at least 15Mbps (2k) 25Mbps (4k)

Do you provide a test feed?
Yes, use the camera green icon mentioned in the Installation guide –  here

Do you stop the transfer of other DCP materials while I am streaming via the MovieTransit line
Yes, this is managed remotely by Unique X

What happens if my internet link goes down during an event, does RosettaLive auto reconnect?

Can I host live Q&A events via the RL box?
Yes, you can create Zoom events. Please contact Unique X for more details.

How much ‘internet’ does the average event consume?
For estimation purposes, you will require a minimum of 15Mbps multiplied by  Event duration.

Do you have the technology to prevent onscreen buffering?
Yes, player prioritize avoid buffering switching qualities to adapt to the current available bandwidth

RL Device

Are there any lights on it that show activity?
Blue power light

How do I reboot?
Disconnect the device from the AC plug.

What security is there on the RL unit for unauthorised usage?
Devices are registered in our system and content playback is remotely managed.

I dropped/broke my FOC RL box, can I get another?
A new unit can be purchased at : GBP £100 / EURO €120 / USD $140

Can I stream from one RL device to multiple screens?
No, you need an external HDMI video/audio distribution system. (splitter)

Can I record on the RL box?

Is my RL box specific to one screen in my complex or can I move it? 
The RosettaLive device is not linked to a specific screen so you can move the device around according to your cinema needs. It is specific to a site location

Is the RL box wifi enabled?
No, the device connected using an Ethernet cable.

What internal storage does an RL box have and can I use this in my library?
Internal storage is not accessible.

Can I transfer content off the RL box to my own library?


Where does this plug into my projector?
HDMI input

Are all the cables included?
Power & HDMI is included. You will also receive a device remote control.

I’ve lost my remote control; can I get another?
Contact rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.comIt is possible to connect a keyboard/mouse via USB ports

Can I use my TMS / SMS / IMB to trigger the Event?

Are there any specific cues or macros I need to introduce into my SPL?

How do I play a Pre-Show in front of streamed content? 
Normal advertising workflow from your screen advertising contractor.

Are there subtitle / HoH / Language options?
Event setup allows you to define the subtitles and language options.

Should I switch the RL box off overnight? 

What happens if my event is cancelled after a booking is made?
You will need to cancel this event in bookings.

Why is there no audio?
Check if you are using HDMI or SPDIF. In case your setup uses SPDIF please access the device menu and change the sound settings to SPDIF.

Can I run YouTube or TikTok through the RL box?
Not at this stage but we intend to add more platform functionality over time.

Can I pause/offset the start time?

Is Unique X able to track my network with the RL box installed?
Devices send data about bandwidth consumption and speed only – nothing is known of the internal cinema network.

What Codecs does the RL box support?
Check device Specification document – here

Can I stream UltraHD?
Yes, 4k supported

What audio output? Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Atmos track?
All supported.


How often will I be billed?
Monthly in arrears, reflecting the prior month’s bookings and usage.

What happens if I book for 90 mins, do I get a part hour rate?
BIlling is at a full hour rate – therefore 90 mins will equate to 2 hours billing.

Am I billed from when I turn the RL box on, from when the transmission starts, for any test signal or solely my booking? 
You are billed for the length of the booked event time including any pre-show preparation.

What if I have a billing usage dispute?
Please contact accounts@uniquex.com stating invoice number and issue.

Is there any revenue share from Box Office?
RosettaLive is a courier of streamed content, any revenue share arrangement will be between Exhibitor and Content provider.

Can you combine the billing with my regular Unique X invoicing cycle?
RosettaLive is billed as a separate entity to any existing commercial agreement you might have with Unique X.

Is there any rental fee for the RL box?
No, usage is based on an hourly booked usage rate

  • GBP £19 per hour
  • EURO €23 per hour
  • USD $27 per hour

Event Booking

Can I access the RL software via my existing login.uniquedigitalcinema.com login?
From September 1st 2020, you will be able to make bookings from your Unique X user accounts, utilising the RosettaLive Booking Portal – hereIn advance of that date please send your booking requirement to rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com

I have incorrectly booked an event – am I going to be billed?
You should cancel this event and book another with the correct information.

What happens if I overrun my booked time?
Any changes to schedule would need to be coordinated with the UX support team.
Contact rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com

Do I get an email confirmation of any booking?


How do I set up and send out my Zoom link?
You will need to book service for the planned zoom call – via the Booking portal.
You create the meeting in your zoom in the normal manner and then send the zoom details to Unique X via the booking portal – including ID, password and call timings.

How do I unmute/turn on video?
It is automatically done by the RosettaLive device.

Can I use Hangouts or Teams?

Can I run a client video during the conference?
Via share screen functionality on zoom

Do I need a laptop connected to initiate a zoom conference?


Where do I contact support?

Support provision
You are paying for a managed event on our platform, as such, we will manage each event’s delivery.

Event Support Process
Cinema Responsibility before contacting support:

  • Perform AV checks
  • Ensure DCinema equipment input switched to RosettaLive device.

To contact rosettalive@uniquehelpdesk.com – please include:

  1. Cinema Name
  2. Your Name
  3. Nature of the issue – i.e rebuffering/Video start failure/playback failure

Devices will be monitored by Unique X’s helpdesk. If the broadband connection drops, the RosettaLive devices will continuously try to auto-recover.


I cannot see my advertising has been delivered

If you have not received advertising by Thursday midday please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

The advertising I have does not match the features that I am playing

To identify where the problem lies, please contact your advertising provider. If the issue persist please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

I haven’t received any adverts/adpacks for this week

If nothing for the current week has arrived, it is usually a case of either network issues or a late distribution from the supplier’s side. To identify where the problem lies, please contact you advertising provider or support@advertisingaccord.com.

RosettaBridge TMS

How do I receive a version upgrade / latest version release of RosettaBridge TMS?

Upgrade can be applied by your Integrator / Reseller in the first instance.

Please contact either your Account Manager or support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

User session (website) not refreshing

Initial advice is to refresh the page and try a different browser (Chrome is recommended).

If the issue persists, go to browser settings and clear caché/history, and restart the user session.

If the issue still not resolved please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

I am unable to login to the local RosettaBridge TMS

Please check CAPS lock if off, and the correct password was entered.

If the issue still not resolved, please contact your site RosettaBridge Administrator to reset password or contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.


I cannot connect to my site / domain when I login

Please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

User session (website) not refreshing

Initial advice is to refresh the page and try a different browser (Chrome is recommended).

If the issue persists, go to browser settings and clear caché/history, and restart the user session.

If issue still not resolved please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.


I have sent KDMs to BaseKey but they have not been applied to the on site content

Please check your username and password are correct, and make sureIf you are a first time user, your email address might have not been whitelisted.

Please contact support@uniquehelpdesk.com.

What is the ‘send to’ email address for KDMs to be delivered via Basekey?