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No license fees • Zero up front costs


Book The Cinema


Book The Cinema is designed to capture a new audience looking for an exclusive, premium and private cinema hire experience. Book The Cinema offers a fantastic range of new releases and library titles, a seamless user experience for the consumer and a fully managed service for the exhibitor.

Best of all there are no license fees or upfront costs, we simply take a small fee per event we book at your cinema.

children party

Children parties

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Birthday celebration

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Night out with colleagues


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Book The Cinema
Book The Cinema


We have worked closely with distribution to ensure that we can offer the best content on Book The Cinema to cinema partners. We provide both library and new release titles that you the cinema can curate through the admin system.

diagram 60% 40%
60% 40% mobile

Our market research found at least 40% of customers are interested in seeing their favourite movies again on the big screen, we have worked closely with our distribution partners to design a launch content list. Including the top 200 box office movies of the last twenty years, and other selected classics, we have a selection we believe the public will love.


A core concept of Book The Cinema is to give the consumer the opportunity to personalise the event by sharing their own content on the big screen, helping create a truly unique cinema experience.


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Book the Cinema gives you an advantage in the new normal


arrowSocial distancing made easy

arrowGiving confidence of a safe cinema experience

arrowUnderused auditorium space can be leveraged

arrowBTC marketing promote positive awareness of cinema

arrowCinema needs time to recover the audience


We have a dedicated team of digital marketing specialists whose role is to drive traffic and bookings to your cinema. We have completed a thorough research project in cooperation with Mediacom to help us identify where our target audience can be found and how to reach them effectively.


marketing funnel


stats 4000

Quantitative research from a database of 4000 adults

42% BTC

of adults interested in the private hire of cinemas

stats 64%

interested in new release titles, 36% library content

stats birthday

Adult birthdays and kids birthdays are the most popular event types

stats 71%

of people expect to pay up to £20 per person on food and beverage

stats 72%

of interested audience would hire up to 4 times per year

Book The Cinema


The Book The Cinema marketing engine will run a targeted campaign to capture active party bookers with ad spend on Google adwords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat (capture booking influencers)


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logo Book The Cinema

Join us in reinventing what the cinema experience can be for the consumer

No license fees • Zero up front costs