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Unique X And Flix Media Deploy Advertising Accord and Movie Transit In Brazil

Unique X Flix
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, Ireland — October 4 — Unique X, international cinema software company is excited to announce a new deal with Flix Media, the largest cinema advertising sales company across Latin America for the provision of Advertising Accord in Brazil. Unique X will now be supplying Advertising Accord to all 15 Central and South American territories Flix operates in.

Advertising Accord is the most advanced cinema advertising management software solution enabling brands to fully utilise the power of cinema advertising. Advertising Accord runs over 36,000 screens across four continents while creating over 30 million advertising playlists on a weekly basis. 

Advertising Accord provides key features for Flix including an automated workflow for their pre-show sales, delivery optimisation, inventory management and dynamic scheduling and content delivery leading to an increase in efficiency while simultaneously creating a platform for increased revenues. As part of the deployment, Unique X’s Movie Transit network for content delivery is available at each theatre for pre-show content. 

Unique X’s Chief Commercial Officer Phil Morris said “We are really excited to deploy Advertising Accord to the largest cinema advertising market in Latin America and finally complete the deployment of Advertising Accord across all of Flix’s territories. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Flix.”

Adriana Cacace, Flix Media’s CEO commented “Investment in technology has always been in FLIX’s DNA. The implementation of the Advertising Accord system in other countries where Flix operates was a great success, raising the quality of image and sound, in addition to the effectiveness of the programming system. We are ready to move forward with this partnership in Brazil, where we have the largest concentration of screens.”

About Flix 

Flix Media, the largest cinema advertising network in Latin America, was created in 2011 with the purpose of structuring and exploring the cinema media in an effective way, seizing the opportunity of all the potential of this universe. It offers the market smart solutions to provide complete and relevant experiences for the audience and brands. With more than 2.840 theaters throughout 12 countries, the company has unified the cinema media markets, selling media to the main exhibitors in the countries where it operates. Currently there are more than 14 cinema chains, including CINEMARK, CINEPOLIS and HOYTS as part of FLIX MEDIA network. www.flixmedia.com.br 


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