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Understanding programmatic advertising

Publish by Jade Plunkett

Programmatic advertising is the modern way of buying and selling digital media, employing software to automate the process. It utilizes data-driven, real-time decision making to purchase ad inventory to reach a specific target audience with laser precision. By leveraging automation and AI technology, programmatic advertising speeds up the process of ad buying and creates more efficient campaigns that deliver better ROI. Because it eliminates human inefficiencies and reduces costs associated with manual labor, programmatic advertising can drastically improve the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Rather than relying solely on traditional methods of buying media like TV commercials or print ads, programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to identify and target potential customers in real time. With access to billions of data points, marketers can create detailed customer profiles that allow them to reach their desired audiences more effectively. This makes it easier for brands to customize and personalize their campaigns for maximum impact.

Programmatic advertising has become an essential part of modern marketing strategies, as it allows for greater control over campaigns and helps marketers save money by eliminating expensive middlemen such as agencies or brokers who take a percentage of ad budget profits. With programmatic buying, companies are able to directly purchase ads from publishers at lower prices than those obtained through traditional methods.

Programmatic advertising also gives marketers access to robust insights into how people interact with their ads so they can make better informed decisions about future campaigns—information that is difficult or impossible to obtain through traditional channels. This data allows companies to tailor messages based on user behavior so they can produce relevant content that resonates among their target audience.

Overall, programmatic advertising provides powerful tools for marketers that help them maximize the efficiency of their digital spending while increasing ROI by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

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