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RosettaBridge Theatre Management System: The Cinema’s Operational Hub

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Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 21.07.2021.

What is a Theatre Management System?

A Theatre Management System (TMS), with an installation at each cinema location, is a software application that provides centralised management of theatre operations. The theatre management system ties the control of all screens together into a single point of site management. The main functions of a theatre management system are screen control, content management, playlist creation and scheduling, however, the theatre management system is now playing an increasingly important role in integrating all cinema operational systems together into a single point of automation and control. 

How does a theatre management system help your cinema? 

The TMS becomes the cinema’s operational hub delivering scheduled shows to screen while managing their playback automatically. TMS function ensures the required content is moved to the required screen and the screen projection equipment is enabled for scheduled playback.

The theatre management system also provides a central notification and hardware monitoring facility allowing a single view across all cinema booth equipment, ensuring the user has real-time information to hand to understand and address any issues.

The Preferred workflow would see the TMS integrated with the cinema’s point of sale system receiving the schedules set within that system. 

Where RosettaBridge TMS comes in: 

At Unique X we understand that a theatre manager wants a system that provides integration and automation in a simple and efficient way across all of your booth equipment and operation. The deployment of RosettaBridge TMS to your location is the deployment of a product with a proven track record of stability, usability and performance that can immediately simplify site management workflow.

From an integrated pre-show API function that allows the automated delivery and inclusion of pre-show content, through Smart CPL function ensuring the content is optimised to screen playback capability, to content housekeeping routines; RosettaBridge TMS has functionality designed to ensure the smooth running of your location. RosettaBridge TMS gives you flexibility while not compromising functionality.


Learn More About RosettaBridge TMS Here: RosettaBridge Theater Management System 

Want to Learn More? Speak to the Unique X team today on sales@uniquex.com.

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