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New Year: New Cinema Software Solutions

New Year Blog
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 13.01.2021.

2020 was a year in cinema that most of us would like to forget, these unprecedented times forcing every operator to examine and control their cost base, while preparing for better times ahead. Cinemas will continue to be a staple in many people’s lives and provide the public with a place to escape and share the big screen experience for a few hours. Here at Unique X, we believe in the magic that cinema delivers and want to help. Our range of smart cinema software solutions automate many of the tasks that take your time and effort and which draw your focus away from opening your doors, greeting your guests and providing a memorable experience.






Theatre Management System

One of our market leading products, RosettaBridge TMS is a Theatre Management System that does it all, including giving cinema operational teams the ability to run centralised and automated operations. From integrating with your point of sale system to creating Show PlayList from templates to build shows, allowing pre-show integration with your advertising or trailer provider while managing both your hardware and your automation.

Want circuit wide management from a single point of management via secure login? Then check out RosettaNet, the most advanced solution available to centralise your workflow across your cinema estate.







Broadband Event Streaming

RosettaLive is a broadband content streaming solution that will allow you to easily explore new revenue channels with live content, gaming, conferencing and so much more available. From being cost effective to easy to use, RosettaLive gives you the ability to deliver alternative content to your audience. You can stream a range of events including live concerts to games, this cinema software does it all with no satellite or maintenance required.  

RosettaPos screen 1

Cloud Based Point of Sale System 

Manage everything from the cloud with RosettaPOS, a point of sale system that lets you take control of your cinema from anywhere in the world. Built on a modern architecture, RosettaPOS has a range of features including providing reports on  movie going trends, the ability to use multiple languages, currencies and manage multiple cinemas from a single RosettaPOS installation. 

SmartTrailering screen 1

Intelligent Trailer Scheduling 

Trailer Scheduling is perhaps one of the most important tasks to get right, you will need a centralised, intuitive and user friendly trailer scheduling system, an added bonus; ours is cloud based. Each individual trailer and trailer version can be programmed to target any combination of individual shows, be that based on date, time, location, feature, screen group, show percentage or a combination therein. With SmartTrailering autonomous trailer scheduling has never been so achievable, simply build a trailer playlist and let SmartTraileirng do the rest.

Want to Learn More About Our Cinema Software Solutions? speak to the Unique X team today on sales@uniquex.com about how your cinema could open its doors to more consumer services.

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