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How Book The Cinema Can Help Your Cinema

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Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin. 20.10.2021

What is Book The Cinema? 

Unique X has just launched a brand new service called Book The Cinema in the UK and Ireland. This blog will provide you with more information on the service as well as the benefits that your cinema can gain from using Book The Cinema. 

Book The Cinema is a new concept created by Unique X to give consumers the ability to create instant private personalised bookings in a cinema of their choice as well as pre-book concessions and create a 30-second personalised video that can be shown before their movie. The personalised video can include pictures, videos as well as background music and a personal message created by the booking party. Book The Cinema also gives consumers the opportunity to choose a movie from a wide range of new releases as well as library titles.

We Did Our Research 

Unique X carried out an extensive research project in conjunction with MediaCom to gain insights into the potential target audience for Book The Cinema. This research project included a comprehensive quantitative study that involved 4000 adults and revealed positive indicators for Book The Cinema’s value proposition. 

The research found the following below: 

✔ 72% of interested audiences would hire a private cinema screen up to 4 times per year. 

✔ 42% of cinema-going adults are interested in the private hire of cinemas.

✔ 71% of participants expect to pay up to £20 per person on food and beverage.

How Book The Cinema Can Help Your Cinema

Book The Cinema will help attract a new audience looking for an exclusive private movie screening experience to your cinema and best of all it is a fully managed service for the exhibitor. The consumer will create their bookings, choose their movie, pre-book concessions and create their 30-second personalised video through our user-friendly and intuitive website. 

Our platform has been designed to make managing new titles easy, supporting all of the necessary functionality to give both distribution and exhibition full control of content availability. For new releases, we can match your ticket pre-sales dates, control which locations can offer the titles and apply premium prices per title per location.

Get Started Here! 

Interested in attracting a new audience to your cinema? Talk to our fantastic sales team at sales@uniqux.com or contact us here. You can also learn more about Book The Cinema here.


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