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Cinema Advertising: Effective Storytelling

Advertising Accord Cinema Advertising
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 14.04.2021.

The cinema for many marketers can seem like the perfect place to tell your brand story, there is little room for distractions and noise to disturb the audience’s attention. The atmosphere almost works for brands instead of against them by creating an environment where the audience is almost compelled to pay attention to the big screen. 

Definition of Cinema Advertising

Let’s start with a definition of cinema advertising, according to Phillips and Noble in their 2007 journal article on Simply Captivating: Understanding Consumers’ Attitudes toward the Cinema as an Advertising Mediums, cinema advertising is “the practice of running advertisements to theater audiences prior to the start of the feature presentation”. 


There are many benefits in relation to cinema advertising including the following, studies have shown the cinema audience is more receptive to brand messaging than other audiences. There are many reasons as to why a cinema audience has higher levels of engagement including as mentioned above the environmental factors. Little to no noise, the size of the screen and brightness in contrast to the dark auditorium and lastly the high quality sound, creates an environment where ads leave a lasting impact on audiences, making them more memorable. 

Do People Actually Enjoy Ads? 

According to the FAME Research study a significant portion of the people that took part in the study actually enjoyed watching cinema advertisements. The participants considered trailers and advertisements to be important parts of the movie watching experience and not only that but people that did not enjoy the ads still wanted to see them instead of watching nothing before their movie. 

Cinema audiences enjoying watching ads is just one part of the puzzle, research has also found that cinema audiences have higher levels of brand recall in comparison to watching ads on tv. According to Investopedia brand recall can be described as the ability of consumers to “to identify a specific brand by its attributes over another one.” As cinema advertising is seen to have a lasting impact on cinema audiences, there is certainly an opportunity for both cinemas and advertisers to explore this medium further in order to effectively communicate with their target audience.


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