Unique X Launches SmartTrailering Upgrade

Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 07.12.2020.

Unique X is proud to announce the latest software upgrade of SmartTrailering.  SmartTrailering is the only software solution in the market that delivers a sophisticated, centralised trailer scheduling system that fully automates Exhibitors’ trailering process via a user-friendly, cloud-based system. As Cinemark reopens its theatres across the United States, it does so with Unique X’s newly updated SmartTrailering software activated in every theatre. Unique X has worked closely with Cinemark to develop and update SmartTrailering for the U.S. market and beyond.

SmartTrailering has unmatched trailering capabilities. All major studios have been consulted and collaborated throughout the process of the software update and can now send trailer placement requests directly through the platform to exhibitors. Each individual trailer and trailer version can be programmed to target any combination of individual shows, be that based on date, time, location, feature, screen group, show percentage or a combination therein. Increased control and customisation translate to the creation of a movie trailer playlist that is completed quickly, easily and accurately.

SmartTrailering works with all major TMS brands, including Unique X’s own RosettaBridge Theatre Management System, AAM Screenwriter, Sony TMS and Hollywood Software TCC. SmartTrailering supports a wide array of reporting capabilities: visualising inventory management, placement success, and distributor allocation. For the U.S. market, Unique X has also included automated greenband editing functionality.

Cinemark EVP Global Theatre Technology and Presentation, Damian Wardle, said, “We are grateful for the Unique X team’s ongoing collaboration, as well as their vision to develop and adapt the software to meet our requirements. We greatly look forward to rolling out SmartTrailering and capitalizing on its enhanced functionality.’

Unique X CEO, Roger Harris said, “We are extremely proud of the work we have completed with Cinemark to launch this latest version of SmartTrailering. It’s a large and ambitious update to the software solution and brings an unprecedented level of functionality to both exhibitors and film distributors. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, we continued this project with Cinemark, highlighting both the strength of our partnership and our unrivalled vision of the importance of trailering particularly given the strength of the slate in 2021.”

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