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The Women Behind Unique X #ChooseToChallenge

International Women's Day
Publish by Amber Malik

This blog is dedicated to the women that work at Unique X 

Dublin, 08.01.2021.

International Women’s Day for me is about celebrating the achievements of all women, looking through the year and recognising the progress and professional accomplishments we have achieved. This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge, which represents praising women for their achievements, raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality. This blog will look at the professional achievements of the women working at Unique X. 

Question: What is your biggest professional accomplishment since starting at Unique X? 

When I first joined Unique X, we didn’t have a HR system and I was asked to compare 2 different systems. I gave them People HR and the roll out of that was really good but also the performance review, that was quite an accomplishment for me to build and roll out. 

Shell Morrissey, HR Administrator 


I have grown massively and gained so much knowledge working alongside Chris and everyone in the company. I think you gain more knowledge working for this group than working in any other company. There is so much thrown at you, that you either sink or swim. If you don’t know how to do it, you learn how to do it. 

Catherine Gavin, Group Treasurer

I have been Unique X for 6 years and you always have a feeling something is a team effort, it’s always a bunch of us working together towards the same goal. Two of my highlights are LiveKino, from the first year to the second year, we increased our admissions and box office revenue and continue to grow. On the software side, I worked on SmartTrailering, which also won an award for innovation at Las Vegas a few years ago.

Nina Tryggvadottir, Marketing and Event Coordinator

This will be my fifth month working at Unique X, I have worked in the cinema sector for 6 years but never in software, for me coming in it was quite mind blowing. I am an Account Manager and have been mainly working on AdvertisingAccord but from next week, I will be working on SmartTrailering. I am going to be having my own account and I would say that is my biggest accomplishment, I am really excited! 

Kirsty Dunn, Account Manager 


I agree with what everyone is saying, I have learned a lot, this is definitely something out of my comfort zone. Everything I have been doing was new to me but I guess the biggest accomplishment for me was the implementation of Hubspot and the first marketing campaign we did on RosettaLive. Although it was definitely a team effort, I personally view it as an accomplishment because I learned a lot! 

Lucia Sosa Dalmaud, Sales Assistant

My biggest achievement is when I started working here, there were 3 of us running 17 instagram accounts. Now there are around 12 accounts that I run by myself. Before coming into this, I didn’t know anything about photoshop or the business but I learned about it as I went along. We now have nearly 5 million followers!

Alex Smith , Social Media Executive

A big accomplishment for me was finishing the NCM project and helping the company become ISO certified. 

Gintarė Kulbytė, Scrum Master 

A few years back we had this quarterly meeting and there was this Unsung Hero award, I won for my team. This award signified that I was trustworthy, reliable and that I consistently performed well. 

Ingalill Åsnes, NOC Support Technician. 


‘When thinking about this important day it reminds me of the significant technical and commercial contributions my female colleagues have made to the growth of the Unique business and the key role they will play in our future plans.’ Roger Harris, CEO of Unique X. 

Special Thanks To All The Women that Contributed To This Blog! 


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