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RosettaLive Successfully Streamed Glastonbury

RL Glastonbury
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 26.05.2021.

Unique X is super excited to announce that RosettaLive successfully streamed the Glastonbury Music Festival last weekend in Everyman cinemas across the UK! The concert was hosted at Worthy Farm last Saturday and Sunday and was much anticipated by many. Even though unfortunately there were a few technical issues people experienced while watching the concert at home, we are proud to say that there were no disruptions for those that watched the concert being streamed to Everyman cinemas using RosettaLive.

The main issue lay with ticketholders that were going to watch the concert at home receiving messages with codes that should have given them access to the streams as being invalid, this was later resolved. The successful streaming of this event through RosettaLive shows nothing can beat the cinema! 

RosettaLive gives your cinema the ability to literally stream anything anywhere! Providing support for all streaming URLs, as well as native integration with Zoom, Twitch and BT Sport. You can even stream 4k resolution content to your audiences! Start streaming alternative content to your cinema with RosettaLive, the market-leading cinema streaming service. We provide the lowest rates in the market, a fully managed service, while hardware and installation are completely free of charge. 

Learn More About RosettaLive Here https://uniquex.com/rosettalive/

Want to Learn More? Speak to the Unique X team today on sales@uniquex.com.

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