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RosettaLive: Premier League and The Gorillaz Concert

Gorillaz band
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 15.12.2020.

This has been a very busy and exciting season for Unique X, we are proud to announce that over the weekend The Gorillaz Concert was live streamed in Everyman cinemas using RosettaLive throughout the UK. RosettaLive streamed Premier League matches at both Vue and Odeon cinemas, and will continue to stream Premier League matches leading up to Christmas. Thanks to RosettaLive, football fans and music lovers can gather in a safe and socially distanced environment to share and enjoy an experience together on the big screen.

RosettaLive gives you the power to stream alternative content such as games, concerts and other niché events without needing the large numbers of venues required for satellite transmission. This is particularly important for attracting audiences during a content shortage. The best thing about RosettaLive is that it offers you the ability to tap into alternative revenue streams and attract new audiences. Event streaming has never been so easy with RosettaLive, a true innovative cinema solution.

RosettaLive can stream content from any URL, encode satellite, and supports Zoom, BT Sport and Twitch.

Want to learn more about RosettaLive Click Here

Alternatively speak to the Unique X team today on sales@uniquex.com about how your cinema could open its doors to more consumer services.

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