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MovieTransit: Global DCP Delivery Platform

MT Global Blog
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 10.09.2021.

This blog will explore the role MovieTransit, Unique X’s global DCP delivery platform has played in delivering content electronically to some of the most remote locations in the world including Greenland, Svalbard, Cape Town, Seychelles and the Faroe Islands. We will also take a look at the challenges associated with delivering content to these distant locations and celebrating the team behind MovieTransit. 

Content Delivery Challenges 

Before MovieTransit was used to deliver movies to some of the most remote regions in the world, content was delivered either through satellite or through physical delivery, both methods very costly and unreliable. 

Delivering movies through satellite meant that uncontrollable elements such as weather conditions had to be monitored, not to mention the cost of delivering content to remote locations was also quite high.

In regards to physical delivery, content could often get lost or damaged in transit. Reaching highly remote locations was also a challenge with a limited number of transport options. Content providers would also have to make sure an employee was always at the cinema to receive the content, which is not always the case for certain cinemas, as they mostly open in the evenings.

Our DCP Delivery Solution 

MovieTransit essentially eliminated many of the challenges mentioned above by moving to point-to-point IP based content delivery. A more recent challenge has come with the Covid 19 pandemic, making it difficult for cinemas to receive movies through the traditional methods due to border closures. This is where MovieTransit has come in once again and has made it possible to successfully deliver movies to countries such as Namibia and Zambia even with border closures in place. 

People Behind MovieTransit 

MovieTransit has been in operation since 2012,  it was the first landline E-delivery network to be deployed in a whole territory, and with 3000 connected sites, it remains the largest of its kind. The development of MovieTransit to what it is today is largely due to the talented team of operators driving its success. Our skilled operators take great care in ensuring all deliveries are completed on time. The team is also on hand to assist Distributors with any questions they may have during the process. Supporting the process is also due to a sizable team maintaining all the technical components in the extensive network.

MovieTransit Delivering Your Content On Time, Every Time

MovieTransit is the most advanced and feature-rich content delivery solution ensuring the secure delivery of features and trailers over its fully secure integrated network. The DCP delivery platform has been designed to deliver the best service for both major movie studios as well as independent distributors to maximise releases.

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