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Introducing Our 2021 Film and Content Solutions

New Year
Publish by Amber Malik

Dublin, 26.01.2021.

With the new year having begun, we would like to reacquaint you with some of our content solutions and their key features. This blog will provide you with a brief understanding of the leading content software solutions and how they contribute to the magic on the big screen. We have always been passionate about the film industry, and are very pleased to be able to provide these essential tools for our customers. Want to learn more? Contact Us Here

MovieTransit MacBook Screen Interface

Electronic Delivery of Feature Films

MovieTransit is a highly sophisticated content delivery platform encompassing over 3,000 theatres worldwide and ensuring the secure delivery of  features and trailers over its fully integrated network. Choosing MovieTransit means you are choosing the most advanced and feature rich content delivery solution out there for feature films. The solution is far more than just a delivery platform – Movie Transit also provides powerful functionality to increase your delivery footprint and revenue. 

Among it’s features:

  • Fully managed service
  • 365 days per year support – we’re always there to help
  • Encrypted secure transfers – trusted by the biggest names in the industry
  • Unbeatable innovation and integration with cinema equipment
  • Brand new user interface, redesigned from feedback and experience from nearly a decade in operation

Furthermore, once the feature films have been delivered, Unique X also provide the means for ensuring KDMs are delivered safely and fully automatic to cinemas. A solution for Exhibitors worldwide, Basekey(TM) provides peace of mind, removing all needs for manual intervention to ingest KDMs in cinemas.


Intelligent Trailer Scheduling

SmartTrailering is Unique X’s award winning innovation bringing Distribution and Exhibition together with an AI powered advanced scheduling engine. With SmartTrailering; planning and strategising is elevated from an often monotonous task to a smooth & powerful workflow to maximize relevant exposure for trailers. With SmartTrailering, Distributors can target different percentages of showings, in specific target groups; and Exhibitors can manage their total trailering capacity with powerful scheduling tools to provide a fully autonomous trailering preshow in their estate.

RosettaLive Screen Interface 

Broadband Live Streaming

In the current climate with a shortage in film releases, Live Streaming has become the answer to provide engaging content in movie theaters. This solution makes it possible to stream any kind of content to the big screen, from sports events to concerts and cultural events. In addition, a very exciting prospect is to use RosettaLive as a means to stream red carpet events ahead of big film releases. Some content owners have chosen to stream full red carpet productions to excited fans in movie theaters, while others have brought their audiences closer to the actors using Zoom calls leading up to the first show. 

Thinking outside the box, RosettaLive can provide a fantastic premium experience to complement Movie releases in theatres. The solution provides the ability to stream content to cinemas without requiring a satellite or any maintenance, in 4K Ultra HD, using a simple-to-install device with great interface with the cinema equipment.

Want to Learn More? Speak to the Unique X team today on sales@uniquex.com.

Want to learn more about MovieTransit Click Here 

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