Event Distribution Rights

The world of broadcast media is constantly changing. Home streaming competes with Social, while on-demand competes with Live. Audiences are spoilt for choice, while broadcasters and brands fight for their attention, not knowing who, or where they are, or when they’re going to watch.

UniqueX brings the power back to broadcasters, content owners, performers and brands. Our access to audience is unrivalled; our network of exhibition partners have over 20,000 screens across 65 countries worldwide.

UniqueX is creating a dynamic new channel for content. Via our global network of exhibitor partners, UniqueX want to take your content and deliver it to a contained audience within the cinema environment.

We believe there’s high demand from audiences who miss out on attending live events to view them “virtually live” as part of an enhanced experience.

Why lose out on the additional attendance potential or let social media share poor quality images and sound online which you don’t control or benefit from.

Our platform rights manages content, schedules advertising and sponsorship and our mobile platform can create interaction while securing all of the associated data.

It’s not just major sell-out stadium events that can benefit from our unique channel; smaller more intimate events are a key part of our strategy and offer content owners, artists and promoters the opportunity to reach their audience without the associated risk or costs.

If you have content you want to exploit from music to comedy, sports to gaming, then we’re interested to discuss how we can work together to maximise the value and extend your brand.