Digital Cinema Media Extends Unique X Partnership

Publish by Din Amri

London, 31.03.2019.

Unique X is delighted to announce a long term renewal agreement with the UK’s market-leading cinema advertising company,  Digital Cinema Media (DCM), for advertising and distribution services.

Utilising Unique’s market-leading Advertising Accord™ advertising management software, the technology platform integrates and fully automates the advertising workflow from DCM’s Campaign Planner and Sales Booking system, for campaign delivery, directly into each individual cinema’s scheduled showtimes.

The DCM-Unique network will continue to provide over 100,000 advertising playlists to the UK Exhibition industry on a weekly basis. With DCP content delivered to cinema sites over Unique’s Movie Transit network, the solution works and interfaces with all brands of cinema theatre management system and projection equipment.

“Over the past 10 years, we have been able to build and refine a wide-ranging solution for DCM to support the significant growth of their advertising business in terms of both brand count and revenue, addressing both the needs of their Advertiser and Exhibition partners. We are delighted to be able to renew our strategic partnership and support DCM’s ambitions for continued market innovation and targeted on-screen advertising,” commented Phil Morris, Chief Commercial Officer at Unique X.

Paul Maloney, COO of DCM, added: “Unique X is a key partner for us in evolving our business. We’ve worked together to streamline processes for our employees and better support our advertiser and exhibitor partners. We’re looking forward to developing our collaborative partnership to continue to deliver innovative solutions for the cinema advertising industry.“

About Digital Cinema Media

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) is the market leader in UK cinema advertising, providing almost 3,500 screens at over 500 sites for advertisers. DCM sells 82% of the cinema advertising market through exhibitors including Cineworld, ODEON, Vue, Curzon, Everyman, Picturehouse Cinemas and many other leading independent cinemas.

The power of cinema is its ability to reach and engage audiences with no distractions. The biggest screen, a dark room, the best sound and impactful content means cinemagoers are engaged and ready to be told stories, so brands have an unrivalled opportunity to entertain and connect with them. In the last few years, cinema advertising has also become easier to plan and buy, becoming more flexible and even more affordable, with shorter production lead times and improved sound and picture quality.

Contact: Zoe Aresti, Head of Marketing and Communications +44 (0)20 7534 6228 /

About Unique X

Unique X is a new brand for the future of digital cinema, providing intelligent autonomous solutions and content services.

Unique X operates in 70 countries globally. To date, more than 75 million GB of data have been transferred, and over 62 million advertising playlists have been delivered.

Solutions include RosettaBridge TMS, RosettaNet Estate Management System, Movie Transit (DCP Content Delivery Network), Basekey (KDM management), RosettaPOS (Point of Sale), RosettaLive (Event Streaming) and our pre-show products of Advertising Accord, Ad Transit and Smart Trailering.

Contact: for more information – +44 (0) 161 457 0050

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