Movie Transit

Broadband DCP Delivery

Europe’s Largest Broadband Content Delivery Network

Movie Transit™ delivery network is deployed in UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. With ongoing deployments in Netherlands and South Africa, our network spans over 2500 connected cinemas.

Through Movie Transit™ we deliver content on behalf of major Hollywood studios, independent distributors and advertising sales companies.

The Solution

The Movie Transit™ software is built entirely in-house. We don’t use cloud services, peer-to-peer delivery or 3rd party applications. That means we are always 100% in control of your content and you get the best possible service.

Movie Transit™ is a fully managed service, which means as a studio / distributor you need only provide a copy of your content to us and we do the rest. Movie Transit is installed in each connected cinema so you simply book the cinemas you wish to deliver the content to through our intuitive Movie Transit Portal, then track the electronic delivery progress in realtime.

Operations and Support

As part of the managed service we also provide full HDD replication and delivery for any non-connected cinemas in each of our active territories. Our Helpdesk, staffed with qualified D-cinema engineers, is open 365 days a year monitoring the network to ensure that your content arrives on time.

The friendly, professional and dedicated Movie Transit™ Operations team are based in Manchester, England and are there to support all of your delivery requirements.


At UniqueX security is the most critical aspect of our content delivery service. We understand the value of your content – theatrical release content is at the most risk of piracy.

Thats why we’ve made Movie Transit the most secure DCP content delivery network in the industry with multiple layers of high level encryption and advanced network security protection.

UniqueX are regularly audited and penetration tested by studios, trade bodies, exhibitors and security companies to ensure that our network security is constantly maintained.