Rosetta Net

Networked Theatre Management Systems

RosettaNet works in tandem with RosettaBridge TMS, providing centralised, estate-wide control of your theatre management systems. As cinema owners look for more ways to create cost saving efficiencies, centralised, remote control provides enormous time saving benefits while driving a higher standard of exhibition quality and consistency for your patrons.

Control and monitor all of your cinema operations from any location, via secure cloud based access.

With RosettaNet you can connect to any RosettaBridge TMS in your network with access to 100% of the functionality available locally in the cinema. Stop and start a show? Ingest content? Open the dowser? Identify missing KDMs? Everything is possible with zero latency from your web browser.

Additionally RosettaNet allows you the ability to define estate-wide workflows such as centralised playlists. Create just one playlist which can be utilised by every site and screen, while still adapting dynamically for individual pre-show requirements

RosettaNet is a must have product for the cinema owner who truly wants to benefit from digital cinema