Rosetta Live

Broadband Event Streaming

Live cinema event streaming

UniqueX has created a highly affordable and revolutionary content streaming solution for cinema. Utilising broadband connections as low as 25Mbps content providers of all sizes will be able to increase their audiences through the cinema medium in a secure, reliable and cost efficient solution which will change the way we enjoy Live.

Starting with the quick and intuitive installation of the necessary hardware, RosettaLive™ is easy to use. The intuitive mobile app interface makes keeping track simple. RosettaLive™ can be integrated with RosettaBridge™ TMS for fully automated shows.

RosettaLive™ features systems for auto-resume and buffering securing uninterrupted playback. As RosettaLive™ does not rely on satellite transfers there is no such thing as bad weather conditions.

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- Full 4K Quality
- Flexible interface via mobile app
- Encrypted streams – no risk of content theft
- Supports H.264, H.265 as well as legacy streaming formats
- Re-runs available via encrypted DCPs (for approved shows)
- Integration with RosettaBridge TMS for fully automated shows – also for live
- Auto-resume & buffering systems for uninterrupted playback


- Set top box (minimum of 25Mbps internet connect required)
- Quick & intuitive installation – no expensive engineers required.
- No satellite dish installation required. – No building permits and expensive installations.
- Unbeatable reliability via robust infrastructure – the show must go on!
- Not affected by weather conditions
- High security system ensures only approved venues can show the content
- Supporting local events with a low-cost alternative to satellite uplink
- Fully Distributor agnostic – all content owners are invited to use the system.