Rosetta Bridge

Theatre Management System

Quite simply, RosettaBridge is the world’s leading Theatre Management System. With the richest feature set, this outstandingly stable and robust system is streets ahead of the competition. During more than 15 years of product development, RosettaBridge has been built in partnership with exhibitors and equipment vendors to create the perfect Theatre Management System

RosettaBridge TMS acts as the intelligent, autonomous system within the cinema, allowing you to build, schedule and manage your playlists and content, while acting as the bridge to a multitude of external services such as content e-delivery, advertising, trailer, equipment health, TDL and KDM delivery.

RosettaBridge TMS is completely integration agnostic, meaning that you are free to choose any digital cinema equipment within your cinema. Every single brand and model is integrated with RosettaBridge, with any new equipment quickly added to the portfolio as soon as it is available on the market.

Choose either a software only solution to install on your own hardware, or purchase a range of enterprise level server configurations from Unique X. As the VPF era draws to a close, now is the time to upgrade from your existing TMS solution to RosettaBridge TMS