Equipment monitoring and diagnostics

Cielo is the most comprehensive remote monitoring platform in the cinema industry.

With Cielo you gain visibility, analytics, and control of your digital cinema network from a single spot; allowing pro-active issue resolution from anywhere.

It’s a hardware free solution, therefore easily deployable, ultimately scalable and without any hardware maintenance requirements.

When installed, Cielo has been shown to provide a 75% reduction in on site hours, allowing the assignment and visibility of any alerts generated within your network easily to your support team members, allowing pro-active management as opposed to reactive fixing.
With 24 hours a day monitoring, you are able to set custom alert levels, track maintenance tasks and determine accountability to alert resolution – showing you exactly when, where and what needs maintenance

Operators can monitor screens 24hrs a day and proactively address issues before they become show stoppers.

You can set custom alert levels, track maintenance tasks, and determine accountability for alert resolution.

This feature-rich application offers you a circuit-wide view of all your screens from anywhere, on any internet connected device.

Cielo also offers business intelligence that analyses ad to trailer ratio, lost shows, resolution times and much more.

Streamline your support operations and maximise your cinema experience with the power of Cielo.